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We Fight Tickets. We Save Drivers' Licenses

Georgia Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Don't Just Pay Your Ticket!

Georgia speeding Ticket Lawyer

When you simply mail in the fine, you are basically pleading "guilty" to all of the charges on the citation. This will add significant points to your driving record and can cost you thousands of dollars in increased insurance costs. Just a single ticket can boost auto insurance premiums by as much as 22 percent according to

Your record is a valuable asset... Let us protect it.

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We know that you have questions and we look forward to helping you get answers. We can help you understand how Georgia traffic law applies to your situation, and your options for moving forward.

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Why Hire Us?

Because you want this handled right. It's really that simple. We get it done and do it efficiently.

Georgia traffic ticket lawyer
  • We know your time is valuable.
  • We know you don't have time to come back to Court
  • We know that you need prompt, professional service.

And we deliver.

Our clients hire us because getting their issue resolved is important… too important to take a chance on another firm.

Fees & Costs

  • Our standard fee for a negotiated resolution is $350.00.
  • "Super-Speeder", CDL, and suspended license citations are slightly higher.
  • Our fees do not include fines or court costs, but you will know these charges in advance.